Introduction to Java

This introduction to Java is provided as a continuing education service by A-Square, Inc. The course was developed by Jan Aminoff and reflects experiences from previous presentations. It has been offered over the Internet in various forms since 2000. The first face to face instance of this course was sponsored by IEEE and scheduled at the University of Maryland, in October, 2000. The second instance, also with IEEE, was scheduled at the University of Maryland in May, 2001

Lecture and Demonstrations

The following topics are covered in roughly the indicated order: (The lecture notes are not yet part f the Internet accessible course):

History of Java. The intent to make Java a platform independent net centric programming language. How Sun has developed and promoted Java. The evolution of Java, C# and Java, J2ME, for handheld devices. The Java Development Kit, JDK. Java today.

Java Basics. Applications and Applets. Demonstration of the Welcome Applet. Classes, Objects, and Methods. Byte code and the Java Virtual Machine. Platform Independence. The Applet HTML-tag.

Java Syntax. Walk through of Source of Banner1 with Demo of Banner1. The principle of Libraries. Basics of the Abstract Windowing Toolkit, AWT.

Object Oriented Programming. Structure of an Object Oriented language. Encapsulation and Inheritance. Abstract Classes. Banner2.

Java fundamentals used for Rart. The abstract class Universe and what it prescribes. uParameters. The Rart Development Kit. Banner3. The RRL rartrunner

The principles of Rart, Random Art. The Eggs universe. The RRlet rartrunner.

How to be a Rartist. Check out and modify Lines and Flakes. How to build your own universe. The Rart application environment, rartrunner RR11.



Java allows you to play online games, chat with people around the world, calculate your mortgage interest, and view images in 3D, just to name a few. It’s also integral to the intranet applications and other e-business solutions that are the foundation of corporate computing.